Innovations - We think in terms of solutions

100 years of ALLIGATOR - this period is characterized by new innovations and technologies.

Our practice-oriented way of thinking is based on the needs of our customers. With ALLIGATOR's extensive product range in the valve and sensor sector, we offer solutions for all application areas - so that we can meet the individual requirements of our customers. RS -

the programmable universal sensor

  • Only one sensor for all vehicle models.
  • Just-in-time programming for vehicle-specific spare parts.
  • Program – teach – drive.


  • Top coverage: Vehicle coverage of 98%.
  • Short coverage times: Standardized assembly without waiting for the right spare part.
  • High functionality: OE quality from ALLIGATOR.
  • Less costs: No software or update costs plus savings on storage and logistics costs.

DS-P Double seal valve cap -

No unscrewing necessary

  • Check and adjust air pressure without unscrewing the valve cap.
  • Two high-temperature seals prevent pressure loss even if the valve insert is damaged or dirty.
  • Completely sealed face protects against water and dirt.


  • Saves time and money.
  • Prevents dirty fingers.
  • Insensitive to dirt and water.
  • Does not get lost.
  • Provides increased safety.

Universal express valve -

One valve suitable for all bicycles

  • Advanced dual-seal design allows universal application.
  • Prevents gradual air leakage.
  • High-pressure resistance thanks to two-stage cone seal.


  • Universal application.
  • Can also withstand “racing bike” pressure.
  • Inflate tires effortlessly.
  • Excellent seal retention.
  • High quality, exceptionally long service life.