ALLIGATOR - Our Demand

Satisfied customers are the focus of everything we do at ALLIGATOR.
That is why we place great emphasis on maintaining the highest quality standards when developing our products.

ALLIGATOR Quality Management – your needs count

ALLIGATOR has always met the ever-increasing demand for products in the valve and sensor technology sector. We look back on 100 years of experience during which quality has always been a key factor. One of our brand's core values, therefore, places particular emphasis on meeting the highest quality standards and the strictest safety precautions when developing our products. As defined by the ALLIGATOR quality policy, we want to ensure that our products and processes meet all our customers’ requirements. Satisfied customers are the focus of everything we do – thus, continuous improvement of all processes and the encouragement of personal responsibility amongst our employees are essential elements of our ALLIGATOR quality policy.

Every year, ALLIGATOR supplies over 200 million safety components to our customers. A functioning quality management system is a prerequisite for achieving this, as is our long-term cooperation with both customers and suppliers. Valves and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are safety components. That is why all the important dimensions and functions are checked automatically during production and assembly. In our serial production, we also test the functionality of each individual valve before it leaves the premises.

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ALLIGATOR innovations
- we think in terms of solutions

100 years of ALLIGATOR – this time has been characterised by innovations and new technologies. The famous ALLIGATOR express valve in 1930 or the snap-in valve for tubeless tires in 1956 are just two examples of the innovations that have been developed at ALLIGATOR over the years. Likewise the famous V2B double seal cap that makes millions of trucks safer and helps them to save fuel.

Developments in valve technology are also continuously advanced by our company. As a result, ALLIGATOR valve systems for tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) are now leading technologies that many workshops and automotive manufacturers trust – both in the original equipment sector and with® as a TPMS solution for the spare parts market.

We think in terms of solutions: practical and always with the needs of our customers in mind. The extensive range of valves and sensors at ALLIGATOR offers solutions for all applications – ensuring that we meet your individual requirements in every situation.