Satisfied customers are always the focus of ALLIGATOR's activities. That is why we place particular emphasis on the highest quality standards in the development of our products.

ALLIGATOR is constantly meeting the growing demands for products in the valve and sensor sector. Our qualitative standards have played a decisive role in both our product range and our services for over 100 years. As early as the product development stage, we place particular emphasis on the highest quality standards and the strictest safety precautions. With the help of ALLIGATOR's quality policy, we meet our customers' requirements for our products and processes.

Satisfied customers are the focus - it is not for nothing that the continuous improvement of all processes and the promotion of personal responsibility among our employees are among the essential elements of our ALLIGATOR quality policy.

ALLIGATOR delivers over 200 million safety parts to our customers every year. Functioning quality management is just as much a prerequisite for this as long-term cooperation and partnership with our customers and suppliers. Valves and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are safety parts. For this reason, both dimensions and functions are checked fully automatically during production and assembly.