The ALLIGATOR inflation equipment for tires of passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and tractors is characterized by the proven ALLIGATOR quality. The range includes a wide selection of products with which you can quickly and easily inflate tires, measure and check tire pressure.

The clear advantage of our ALLIGATOR tire inflators:
You do not need any outside help for the work involved with tire pressure on the vehicle. The matching filling station plugs, lever nipples, valve nipples and torque nipples perfectly complement our product range for tire inflation.

Tire filler

With ALLIGATOR tire inflators, you can easily check your tire pressure yourself and improve it if necessary. The optimum tire pressure is essential for the trouble-free operation of a tire. It ensures that the tires do not wear out too quickly and contributes to safety throughout the entire journey.

Precise and reliable tire inflator of the ALLIGATOR brand. With the ALLIGATOR tire inflator, the tire pressure can be optimally measured itself and corrected if necessary. It is calibrated to OE tire inflator and convinces with its digital display.

The tire inflator for experts- Precise. Practical. High quality.

Impressive value: High-quality materials such as the shock-resistant casing of the manometer and the robust aluminum handle ensure the longevity of the


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The tire filler for professionals - Simple. Reliable. Multifunctional.

Convincing in every case: The valve adapter for all common plug variants and a measuring range of up to 16 bar make the GATOR INFLATOR MID versatile. The interchangeable hose lengths also make it possible to reach valves that are difficult to access.


Type-examination certificate
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Thumb-lock air chuck

When it comes to tire inflating equipment, high-quality thumb-lock air chucks are the small but important parts that cannot be missing for your own workshop.

That is why we at ALLIGATOR place particular emphasis on ensuring that our product range offers all the products needed for simple and fast tire inflation. Our thumb-lock air chucks perfectly complement the product range around tire inflators, clip-on air chucks, clip-on ball foot air chucks and gas station holders.

Clip-on air chuck

For easy and quick inflation of car tires.

The clip-on air chuck with spring-loaded lever from Alligator helps you to connect your tire inflator to your tire valve quickly and easily. This guarantees optimal tire inflation and trouble-free operation.

Clip-on ball foot air chuck

Discover our range of clip-on air chucks for optimal tire inflation

At Alligator you will find clip-on air chuck for easy connection of the tire inflator to the tire valve. Thanks to our tire inflation accessories, you can optimize your tire pressure quickly and without outside help.

Service station air chuck

There is one thing that must not be missing from tire inflators: a high-quality service station air chuck.

If you already own a tire inflator but are currently still looking for suitable service station air chuck, then simply browse through our selection of different models. 

In addition to tire inflators, thumb-lock air chucks, clip-on air chucks and clip-on air chucks, our ALLIGATOR product range in the area of inflating equipment is guaranteed to offer the right service station air chuck for you.

Do you have questions about our products? Feel free to contact us and we will personally answer your questions.