The ALLIGATOR product range covers all requirements in the field of TPMS. From sensors to the appropriate programming device, everything is provided. Our® product line offers the right solution for every area of application: whether workshop operator or complete wheel manufacturer.

ALLIGATOR Universal Sensors® RS

With the freely programmable universal sensors from ALLIGATOR® RS, your workshop is equipped for every situation: The universal sensors are not pre-programmed, so they can be individually adapted to the respective vehicle model. This reduces the variety of sensors required, which a workshop must have in stock, and simplifies the work process. Although vehicle-specific programming does take some time, universal sensors can be updated again and again and therefore do not become obsolete.

All the advantages of the ALLIGATOR® RS universal sensors at a glance:

  • Very high vehicle coverage
  • Correspond to OE sensors in quality and functionality
  • Perfect sensor fit due to flexible adjustment
  • Number of stored parts and associated costs can be reduced
  • Risk of installing the wrong sensor is reduced
  • Fast and easy workflow
  • Loss of sales due to non-stocked built-in parts is avoided
  • Sensors can be programmed both before and after mounting the tires

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ALLIGATOR Programming devices

Basically, two variants are available for the programming of® sensors:

The ALLIGATOR Programming Tool PT1 has been specially developed to program® sensors exclusively. It is not possible to read out already programmed sensors. The device is therefore an ideal and cost-effective addition to wireless TPMS handheld devices.

The ALLIGATOR PT3 and PT4 is an ideal supplement to the ALLIGATOR programming device PT1. It supports the work flow in the workshop, for example, by being able to check the function, sensor ID, tire pressure and temperature of all TPMS sensors installed in the vehicle when the vehicle is accepted.

In our download area you will find the appropriate software for your programming device and the always up-to-date® ONE and® RS cover lists.

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The tire pressure monitoring service kits from ALLIGATOR contain all the components required for professional servicing of tires and rims with a tire pressure monitoring system. The service kits are assigned to the specific vehicle on the basis of the characteristics "Manufacturer", "Model" and "Year".

With every tire change, all relevant components of a TPMS valve should be replaced as a matter of principle, because

▪ Valve sealing cap
▪ Valve insert
▪ Union nut
▪ rubber seal

are subject to particular aging and corrosion influences. For this very reason, the replacement of these components during tire service is urgently recommended.


With the TPMS tool from ALLIGATOR, sensors and valves can be professionally attached to any rim. 

The one-handed operation of most tools enables quick and easy assembly without wasting time. Thanks to sophisticated technology, bit changes are also lightning fast.

In addition to individual tools, such as torque wrenches, you will find fully equipped tool bags and cases for the installation of TPMS. These are suitable for RS and ONE as well as all common TPMS.

The ALLIGATOR starter kits offer an easy and inexpensive introduction to TPMS service. You will find everything you need in one box.


In the download area you will find the appropriate software for your programming device and the current cover lists® ONE and® RS.