TPMS Sensors


The ALLIGATOR product range leaves almost nothing to be desired in the field of sensor technology and electronics. From various sensors and programming devices to the appropriate tools and accessories, everything is included.

TPMS Sensors® ready2mount is an inexpensive and efficient alternative to OEM sensors from the original equipment manufacturers. The TPMS sensor requires no sensor programming or configuration. Only the teach-in procedure known from all original sensors must be carried out. The sensors are delivered with the appropriate standard valve.

Further features:

  • Sensor types fit exactly to the vehicles approved by manufacturers
  • Sensors cannot be reprogrammed
  • Sensor-ID cannot be changed
  • Valve nut can be mounted over valve cap
  • Valve nut with shear bar

Programming Devices

Basically, two variants are available for the programming of® sensors:

The ALLIGATOR Programming Tool PT1 was specially developed to program® sensors exclusively, it is not possible to read out sensors that have already been programmed. The device is therefore an ideal and cost-effective addition to wireless TPMS handheld devices.

The ALLIGATOR PT4 is an ideal supplement to the ALLIGATOR programming device PT1. It supports the work flow in the workshop, for example, by being able to check the function, sensor ID, tire pressure and temperature of all TPMS sensors installed in the vehicle when the vehicle is accepted.

In our download area you will find the appropriate software for your programming device and the latest coverage lists® ONE and® RS.

Programmiergerät PT4B2

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