Tools and accessories
for valves and TPMS from ALLIGATOR and®

The ALLIGATOR range of valves and TPMS solutions is supplemented with corresponding ALLIGATOR tools and accessories. To service TPMS sensors reliably, workshops need special accessories and high quality installation tools . These are essential for the proper installation and removal of tire pressure monitoring sensors and the associated special tire valves.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of TPM systems ensure that technicians and drivers all remain safe. ALLIGATOR offers a wide range of sensor components and tools that are needed for the maintenance of TPMS sensors. These reliable ALLIGATOR tools are essential for every valve and sensor repair, as they make professional repairs much quicker and easier and therefore ensure a higher level of safety. Current tire pressure monitoring systems require special tools and spare parts to ensure the right fit and functionality. ALLIGATOR offers TPMS components as well as the tools and accessories needed for servicing tires correctly and for repairing the damage or effects of excessive use.


for installation and removal of TPM sensors

Our practical ALLIGATOR® master toolkit for tire pressure monitoring systems offer the ideal combination of tools for the professional installation and removal of tire pressure monitoring sensors and the associated special tire valves. Our range of valve installation tools can be used to carry out all fitting and servicing work on current TPM systems.

The ALLIGATOR® TPMS professional toolkit covers the torques of all screw connections for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) currently on the market. This special selection of tools can be used to carry out all installation, removal and service jobs on current TPM systems.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Calibrated torque screwdriver covers all established tightening torques 
  • Correct tightening torques ensure valves have an optimal seal
  • Easy manual adjustment to the required torque value - Switch bits lightning fast thanks to sophisticated technology
  • Quick installation due to single-handed operation
  • Quick removal using reliable removal tool

From valve retraction lever to TPMS diagnosticstool –
ALLIGATOR®car workshop accessories 

In addition to the master toolkit for tire pressure monitoring systems, we also offer many other practical car tools and installation tools that every workshop needs for tire servicing. The ALLIGATOR valve retraction lever is an essential retraction tool for every tire expert. It's specially designed and the plastic material protects the wheel rim.

The ALLIGATOR PT4 diagnostic tool is used for programming and cloning
ALLIGATOR sensors. The specific advantage here is that the diagnostic tool offers five years of free software updates. It is also available with an optional OBD2 module.

Other features:

  • Reading of all TPMS sensors
  • Relearn procedure
  • Easy operation: vehicles can be selected by make, model and year
  • Information in 23 different languages

Further information about the PT4 diagnostic tool can be found here:
PT4 TPMS programming and diagnostic tool

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