As the leading valve manufacturer, ALLIGATOR has set itself the task of facing the constantly growing demands on tire valves with a high degree of quality and safety. The ALLIGATOR product range includes not only the classic car, truck and two-wheel valves, but also special constructions such as tractor or EM valves. A constant exchange of experience and ideas has brought customers and ALLIGATOR together in a trusting and innovative partnership.

Note on the selection and installation of tire valves: 

Finding the right tire valve and fitting it correctly requires a great deal of expertise and should always be carried out by trained personnel only.

Valves for Two-Wheelers

The category of valves for two-wheelers includes valves for motorcycles and bicycles.


Motorcycle valves from ALLIGATOR

All ALLIGATOR motorcycle valves have a sealed cap and a special valve insert. This makes them reliable and robust. For safe driving, the correct tire pressure and the use of suitable valves is particularly important. Regular checks are essential for this. The valves should always be replaced when changing tyres.


One valve for all bikes

Simply unique in the bicycle sector is the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL. By purchasing the Express Valve, you always make the right choice for every bicycle – even for racing and mountain bikes.

The ingenious two-seal concept prevents the escape of unwanted creeping air at the base of the valve. Thanks to the further developed two-stage cone seal, the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL can also withstand the "racing bike pressure" of 8 bar without any problems. The burst pressure is well over 25 bar. Even in icy cold and extreme heat, the ALLIGATOR Express Valve UNIVERSAL remains reliably sealed.

Bicycle manufacturers and retailers can thus significantly reduce their procurement costs and their stocks in original equipment and spare parts. Millions of cyclists all over the world prefer the robust Express Valve from ALLIGATOR and the air hoses equipped with it, because the assembly is simple and the valve has a long service life. The flash valve reacts reliably – even to simple hand pumps. ALLIGATOR thus makes air pumping easy for everyone.

Car Valves

ALLIGATOR offers the optimum solution for every requirement with its rubber and metal valves for cars.

Rubber valves Snap-in

ALLIGATOR rubber valves for passenger cars fit into the rim as if they were cast. The valve stem is elastic and can be advantageously adapted to the respective situation when testing air pressure. The ALLIGTAOR rubber valves snap-in comply with OEM requirements. These are considerably higher than ETRTO and DIN. Due to the natural ageing of the rubber valves, ALLIGATOR valves are provided with a year marking. Individual marking of the rubber valves is also possible. Snap-in valves are suitable for all steel and aluminium rims up to a speed of 210 km/h. At speeds above 210 km/h, either metal valves (clamp-in) or valve supports must be used to limit the valve deflection to a maximum angle of 25°.


Metal valves Clamp-in

ALLIGATOR metal valves are the right choice for highly stressed wheels on fast cars and transporters (more than 210 km/h). In addition to the universally applicable metal valves, ALLIGATOR also offers metal valves with ASC seals. The further developed sealing concept of the ASC-HT metal valve ensures that the tightening forces are introduced directly into the metal of the rim. This allows the seal to perform its task unaffected by external forces.


CVVEasy: Combines the advantages of rubber and metal valves

The patented design of the CVVEasy tyre valve combines the pressure load capacity of a metal valve with the ease of installation of a snap-in rubber valve. The pressure disc holds the valve securely in the wheel even at high operating pressures. Also suitable for vans and mobile homes.

Tractor Valves

ALLIGATOR offers air and water valves for agriculture for the safe and reliable filling of tractor tires with water. The wide passage allows the large tyres to be filled with water in a short time, after removing the valve insert, to improve the traction of the tractor. Of course, water filling does not mean that the usual air filling of the tires can be dispensed with. The tractor tyres are filled with water and emptied completely by means of appropriate water filling fittings. In our range we have a comprehensive selection of straight and curved rim valves, snap-in valves, tube valves and tube valves with rubber base. ALLIGATOR offers a wide range of products to provide tractor wheels with high-quality equipment.


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