DS-P Valve Caps

Tire valves: They are used millions of times and usually go completely unnoticed, yet they are an important element on every vehicle. With the DS-P valve caps from ALLIGATOR, checking air pressure and inflating tires is made easy - unscrewing the valve cap is not necessary. The double seal valve with two high-temperature seals prevents air from escaping from the tire, even if the valve insert is damaged or dirty. The face is completely sealed, making it impervious to dirt and water.

The DS-P valve cap saves time and money! 
Suitable for rubber, metal and aluminum valves of car, van, commercial vehicle and bicycle wheels.

Not for motorcycles with valve in the direction of the centrifugal force!

DS-P Valve Caps on CVVEasy

The CVVEasy is the optimal alternative to screw-type valves, which are difficult to install in the appropriate length when the valve hole does not offer a sufficient contact surface or difficult geometries on the wheel make the use of an installation tool impossible. In combination with the DS-P valve cap, the CVV31 has a total length of 47 millimetres. As a result, it enables pressure checks and adjustment without unscrewing the valve cap and it is outstandingly suited for small transport vehicles and caravans.

Double Seal Valve Caps V2B

Particularly in commercial vehicles, the tire pressure must be checked regularly. With up to 18 wheels per vehicle, barely accessible valves and heavy dirt, this is often not so easy. As a result, tire pressure is not checked regularly. The consequences are not only increased fuel consumption and a significantly shorter service life of the tires, but also compromised safety. The ALLIGATOR double seal valve cap V2B provides a remedy. The valve cap does not need to be removed for filling or checking the air pressure and thus helps to save time and money.

According to information from the tire manufacturer Bridgestone, a study in the USA showed that the average time required for checking tire pressure on a team can be reduced from approx. 20 minutes to 6-7 minutes by using ALLIGATOR check valve caps V2B. The additional costs of the valve cap are therefore amortized after only two pressure checks.

-> 13 minutes time saving at least 1x per month

An underinflation of 1 bar increases fuel consumption by approx. 1.2% - and 30% underinflation halves the service life of the tire.
A good valve cap can prevent gradual air loss and thus help save money!

Logo Valve Caps

You want to add special highlights to your tires? Then the logo valve caps from ALLIGATOR are exactly the right solution!

Provide your vehicle with noble logo valve caps, or use valve caps as an advertising message for

  • Manufacturers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motor bikes, recreational vehicles (RV), SUVs
  • Veteran car-clubs and brand clubs
  • Tuner
  • Manufacturers of exclusive wheels and rims
  • Vehicle importers
  • Other clubs

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