A Brand with History

100 Years of ALLIGATOR - Valves since 1920

Alligator has come a long way from the world-famous Steiff teddy bear to industrial mass production of bicycle valves.

The history of the ALLIGATOR valve factory began in 1920 and emerged from the company founded by Margarete Steiff. Even then, innovation and customised solutions were the driving force of ALLIGATOR. As early as 1930, the ‘ALLIGATOR Pump Light’ bicycle valve, the predecessor of the current Express Valve, was launched on the market. Its high level of density, low inflation resistance and ease of use distinguished this product from all other bicycle valves. ALLIGATOR customers count on the reliability, innovative technologies and high quality offered by the company’s products. In 2019, parts of ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH were sold to WEGMANN automotive, the market leader for balance weights.

The range of products continues to steadily grow. From valves for different types of vehicles to tire pressure monitoring systems and the corresponding tools and accessories – ALLIGATOR products are designed to meet every customer’s requirements.

  • WEGMANN automotive

    Partial takeover

    In 2019, parts of ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH were sold to WEGMANN automotive. As part of the sale, the market leader for balance weights took over the ALLIGATOR brand name as well as the ALLIGATOR sales and distribution operations in Europe and North America for car and commercial vehicle tire valves, car TPMS sensors and tools.

    WEGMANN automotive
  • ALLIGATOR Produkt Highlights
    ALLIGATOR Produkt Highlights

    ALLIGATOR today

    Under the umbrella brand of WEGMANN automotive GmbH, more than a million ALLIGATOR products are now produced every day in Europe and are sold to customers in more than 60 countries around the world. All our product innovations have one thing in common: they are optimised to benefit and meet the needs of end customers and workshops. Innovative technologies meeting changing market requirements - a mission statement that has guided ALLIGATOR throughout all of the company’s history.