For over 100 years the ALLIGATOR brand name has been synonimous with quality, innovation and service when discussing car tire valves, heavy duty commercial tire valves and tire pressure monitoring systems. The ALLIGATOR product portfolio also has everything you could wish for when it comes to air control for what you drive.

In addition to classic car, light-duty truck and motorcycle valves, the ALLIGATOR product range also includes specialty tire valves for tractors, 18-wheelers or earth-moving equipment. There are also TPMS valves for cars, trucks and SUVs.

TPMS valves for all vehicles
from cars to trucks

As a leading global manufacturer of tire valves, ALLIGATOR sets out to meet the ever-increasing demands on production with high levels of quality and safety. The tire pressure monitoring system that is built into ALLIGATOR are TPMS valves. They significantly increase driving safety, while monitoring the tire pressure and directly indicates any loss in pressure to ensure that the driver remains safe. If the tire pressure is incorrect, which often stays undetected without a tire pressure monitoring system, the braking distance is increased and the cornering ability is impaired. 

Advice on choosing and installing tire valves:
Finding the right tire valve for the car , truck or motorcycle and installing it correctly requires a great deal of expertise and should only be carried out by trained personnel.

The rubber and metal tire valves in the ALLIGATOR product range offer the optimal solution for every requirement. The tire pressure valve sensors incorporated in the TPMS valves ensure that every tire is optimally protected against loss of pressure.

The rubber valves for cars made by ALLIGATOR fit perfectly into the rim. The snap-in valves comply with OEM requirements, which are considerably more stringent than the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation) standard. They are suitable for all steel and aluminium rims and should only be used at speeds of up to 210 km/h.

One advantage of the rubber valves is that the elastic valve stem allows individual adjustment and makes it easier to measure the tire pressure.

As rubber valves are subject to a natural ageing process, it is important to change them every time the tire is changed. To assist with this, all ALLIGATOR valves are marked with the year of manufacture.

The metal valves – also called clamp-in valves – offer a higher level of stability and tightness, which is a particular advantage when tire pressures are high. They can be used at speeds of above210 km/h. They handle the centrifugal force better and therefore do not bend out of shape. This makes them the ideal solution for heavy-duty wheels on fast cars or transporters. The extremely high quality of the ALLIGATOR valves ensures that tires are sufficiently safe.

In addition to universal metal valves, ALLIGATOR also offers metal valves with ASC seals. The seal concept used in the ASC-HT metal valves ensures that the tightening forces are introduced directly into the metal of the rim. This allows the seal to do its job without being affected by external forces.

CVV Easy : combines the benefits of rubber and metal valves
The design of the CVV Easy tire valve combines the pressure load capacity of a metal valve with the easy installation of a snap-in rubber valve. The pressure disc holds the valve securely in the wheel, even under high operating pressures. Also suitable for transporters and motorhomes.

ALLIGATOR has the right valve for practically every vehicle model. By using the appropriate accessories, car -, truck - and motorcycle valves can be fitted just as easily and safely as sensors.

In addition to a large selection of standard valves, the ALLIGATOR valve range also includes TPMS valves and a variety of special solutions. Whether you need two-wheeler valves for a bicycle or motorcycle, car or truck valves or valves for tractors and earth-moving machines, ALLIGATOR has the right valve for every requirement.

The valves have to withstand heavy loads during their service life and are subject to many different external influences. This can result in a drop in tire pressure and therefore presents a safety risk. That is why tire valves should be replaced with every tire change.

Car Valves

Rubber valves and metal valves for cars by ALLIGATOR offer the optimal solution for every requirement.

The high-quality rubber valves for cars by ALLIGATOR fit perfectly into the rim. Their advantage is that the elastic valve stem allows the tyre valve to be adjusted to suit the particular angle when checking the air pressure – this makes it easier for you in the workshop. ALLIGATOR snap-in rubber valves also meet the highest standards – they have been tested and manufactured in accordance with OEM requirements for car valves . These are significantly more stringent than ETRTO and DIN standards. Since valves should also be replaced when changing the tyres or wheels, ALLIGATOR car valves are also marked with the year of manufacture. Because of the natural ageing process of rubber valves , you can therefore be sure that the car valves are suitable  for use and meet your requirements when changing your wheels. It is also possible for tyre valves to be individually marked. Snap-in valves can be used on a wide range of vehicle types and they are also suitable for all steel and aluminium rims at speeds of up to 210 km/h. For speeds above 210 km/h, we recommend using either metal valves (clamp-in) or valve supports for car valves to limit the valve deflection to a maximum angle of 25° when travelling at high speeds.

ALLIGATOR car valves made out of metal are manufactured based on OEM requirements and are therefore the perfect choice when only the highest quality is needed. These metal valves are optimised for heavy duty wheels on fast cars and transporters that travel at speeds of over 210 km/h. In contrast to traditional rubber valves , these car valves do not bend out of shape caused by the centrifugal force created at high speeds. The safety of the tyres  and also the driving safety is guaranteed due to strict quality standards met by our ALLIGATOR car valves. In addition to universal metal valves, ALLIGATOR also offers metal valves with ASC seals. The advanced seal concept used in the ASC-HT metal valves ensures that the tightening forces are introduced directly into the metal of the rim. This allows the seal to do its job without being affected by external forces.

Heavy Duty Valves

At ALLIGATOR, the quality of our products is extremely important to us. As the leading manufacturer in the valve sector, we have made it our business not only to meet the requirements of our customers, but also to inspire them and together we meet the daily growing challenges with constantly new solutions and ideas.

Regularly checking tire air pressure is a way of life for heavy-duty haulers and their maintenance teams, all to increase tire tread life, lower fuel consumption, and keep drivers safe and comfortable while on the road. However, checking tire air pressure can be time consuming, uncomfortable and even dangerous if the correct tools and replacement products are not used each time.
The Original V2B™ from ALLIGATOR has been around for over 50 years and has successfully sealed air pressure in hundreds of millions of tires. Designed to be safe and reliable, just like the person who installs them. Use the trusted brand. Use ALLIGATOR.

ALLIGATOR commercial brass valves (0.625" valve hole) for haulers, buses and agricultural equipment are designed to deliver a premium experience and ensure safety while on the road or in the field. Our valves deliver features with clear advantages to maintenance teams and drivers:

  • Consistent, high-malleability, brass for each component
  • Precision matched threads for the stem & nut
  • Higher air-flow rates than the competition
  • Proprietary, anti-rotation grommets
  • European-made with premium German designs
  • Can be paired with The Original V2B™ to deliver long-lasting results

ALLIGATOR nickel-plated specialty valves are manufactured in Europe using time-tested German designs. Built to exact standards for a perfect fit in Alcoa, Accuride and other aluminum rims.

  • Premium nickel-plated brass
  • Advanced Sealing Concept (ASC) valves have pocketed valve bases with specially-designed rubber grommets - accepts wider tolerances for bore holes and offer greater high-temperature resistance
  • VMQ red rubber grommets and O-rings (T540x & TR55x) support heat ranges of -75° to 550° F and and offer chemical abrasion resistance for Alcoa and Accuride rims
  • Available types include ASC-HT valves (for 0.390" valve holes), Alcoa/Accuride valves (for 0.390" valve holes) and metric valves (for 9.7mm valve holes).

The patented design of the CVVEasy tire valve combines the pressure load capacity of a metal valve with the easy installation of a snap-in rubber valve. The optimised seal contour and highly-flexible sealing lip on the car valve ensure optimal tightness in the rim. The pressure disc holds the tire valve securely in the wheel, even under high operating pressures.

To remove the car valve, simply cut through and remove the pressure disc at the pre-defined breaking point using pliers or a screwdriver. The valve can then be pulled out of the valve hole quite easily without needing any special tools. As well as saving time, this design also virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the rim with removal tools.

Vehicle applications - transporters and motorhomes which are exposed to considerable loads during daily use.


High-pressure valves are necessary for some vehicle applications where mid-to-high speed, heavy loads and stop-and-go traffic are present. ALLIGATOR takes standard high-pressure valves, which typically stop at 85 psi max, to the next level with the 100 psi rated EXTRA high-pressure (XHP) valve.

  • Extended brass insert - increased structural integrity to the valve chamber which delivers more support for trickier applications
  • Pressure rated up to 100 psi (burst pressure 215 psi) with a temperature range of -40° to 215°F (265°F max).

Combines all the benefits of the standard brass commercial valves with the ability to withstand both air and liquid. Stems are available for wheels with 0.625" valve holes.