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It’s quick and easy – with just a few clicks in the ALLIGATOR download section you can get all the information you need. Current ALLIGATOR flyers and brochures, the latest vehicle coverage lists and much more are provided here for you. The latest software for the corresponding programming devices is also available to download.

ALLIGATOR - Software

Install files for the ALLIGATOR sens.it® application (PT1 programming pad) and the update app for the PT3/PT4 diagnostic tools can be downloaded here.

ALLIGATOR Diagnostic Tool PT3 / PT4 - Software
ALLIGATOR Programming Tool PT1 - Software

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ALLIGATOR - Information material

Do you need more detailed information about ALLIGATOR valves? In our information material download section, you will find flyers and brochures for valves. We cover passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as transporters and motorhomes or two-wheelers; both for cars and commercial vehicles as well as for transporters and motorhomes or two-wheelers. There are also instructions for fitting sens.it® valves, programming devices and tire pressure monitoring systems. 

The ALLIGATOR Product Highlight brochure provides you with further information. You can also get further information about ALLIGATOR products from the current version of our ALLIGATOR Product Highlights brochure.

Sens.it RS+ TPMS Sales Flyer
(USA & Canada) 2022

Commercial Valves Catalog
(USA & Canada) 2021

ALLIGATOR Double Seal Valve Cap V2B
A True Double Seal Flow Through Valve Cap

Commercial Vehicle Valve with ASC
For stop-and-go traffic, delivery vehicles and high temperatures

The valve designed especially for vans and motorhomes


Assembly instructions

Mounting tool
Standard, valve core tool and OE

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