Millions of times in use and mostly completely unnoticed!
An important safety element on every vehicle.

The ALLIGATOR rubber & metal valves are an
integral part of the product range.
The right valve for every vehicle!


Pressure loss can be the result of heavy stress!

What influences is a rubber valve exposed to?

 Embrittlement of the rubber due to ozone in the air.
 Heat from the environment and the radiant heat of the brakes.​​​​​​​
 Corrosion due to the ingress of dirt.​​​​​​​
 Weight load due to centrifugal forces at high
 Damage due to stone chipping or contact with the

Replacing valves for more safety

♦ Replace the valve every time you change a tire.
♦ Make sure you have functional valve caps as protection against
   dirt, water and gradual loss of pressure.​​​​​​​
♦ Use quality valves from ALLIGATOR -
   designed for use under load.

Good valve caps with built-in
rubber gasket are a basic prerequisite for the permanent
the long-term operability of a valve.


Advantages of a good valve cap

Differences for valve caps

It prevents the penetration of dirt into the valve interior;
penetrated dirt particles can prevent the valve from closing after filling/pressure
prevent the valve from closing after filling/pressure testing and
and lead to leakage.

Corroded valves often leak or can no longer be operated.
can no longer be operated.
A good valve cap prevents the ingress of moisture
moisture and thus corrosion and damage to the valve.
of the valve.

Dust in the interior of the tire or in the inflation air can
settle in the valve interior during inflation or depressurization and
and prevent the valve insert from closing.
A sturdy valve cap with an integrated seal also
the valve securely in this case and thus prevents creeping
creeping pressure loss.

Underinflated tires are not only a safety risk
risk, but also costs real money. 0.6 bar too little tire pressure
tire pressure increases fuel consumption by 3% - 30%.
Underinflation halves the life of the tire.
A good valve cap can prevent creeping air loss and thus
and helps to save money.

Can safely absorb assembly/retraction forces.
Has the necessary strength for sealing.
Can be disassembled even under difficult conditions.
Does not soften or crack at warm temperatures.

Seals against penetration of dirt and water.
Prevents corrosion inside the valve.
Takes over the sealing function in the event that the valve insert
becomes leaky, e.g. due to dirt.

Nickel-plated brass caps prevent
corrosion on the valve thread.

Aluminum and brass - do not get along !
The combination between brass and
aluminum leads to electrochemical corrosion.
Therefore on aluminum valves - e.g. with
systems (tire pressure monitoring) only use the original
original aluminum or plastic valve caps.
Caution also with aluminum caps on standard valves:
due to corrosion, the valve cap can seize on the valve and
valve and destroy the valve if it is removed by force.

are often used to show that the
the tire is filled with nitrogen. Also other
colors are used for special purposes.

make valves easier to access in the case of twin tires or
unfavorable rims more easily accessible.

Attention: for snap-in valves:
do not use metal extensions!

Due to the increased mass and resulting
resulting centrifugal forces, the valve can be too
at high speed, the valve can be stretched too much
and be damaged.
For passenger car valves there are therefore special
plastic extensions.

The cost saver for commercial vehicles - Especially also
the tire pressure of commercial vehicles in particular.
checked regularly. With up to 18 wheels per vehicle,
valves that are difficult to access, heavy dirt, and often
and often freezing cold, this is sometimes not so easy.
And this often means that tire pressure is not checked regularly.
checked regularly. An increased safety risk, increased
fuel consumption and significantly shortened tire
service life are the result.

The ALLIGATOR check valve cap V2B - provides a remedy here.
It does not need to be removed for inflation or pressure
and thus helps to save time and money.

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