ALLIGATOR tools and accessories

We always have our customers needs in mind. To ensure professional, quick and easy installation or repair of valves and TPMS solutions, the ALLIGATOR product range also offers the right tools and accessories.

Valve caps

The ALLIGATOR product range also offers a wide variety of valve caps.
From plastic caps to check valve caps - we have what you need.

In addition to metal valve caps and colorful plastic caps
(with and without seals), ALLIGATOR has many other variants
of valve caps in its range - specially tailored to your needs.

With the DS-P valve caps from ALLIGATOR, checking and filling the air pressure of tires is made easy, because unscrewing the valve cap is not necessary. This saves you time and money! The built-in check valve with two high-temperature seals prevents air from escaping from the tire, even if the valve insert is damaged or dirty. The face is completely sealed and therefore insensitive to dirt and water.

Suitable for rubber, metal and aluminum valves of car, van, Nfz and bicycle wheels.
Not for motorcycles with valve in centrifugal direction!

The CVVEasy is the optimal alternative to screw valves, which are difficult to mount in the appropriate length, because the valve hole offers insufficient bearing surface or unfavorable geometries on the wheel making the use of mounting tools impossible. In combination with the valve cap DS-P, the CVV31 reaches an overall length of 47 millimeters. This allows simple air pressure control and adjustment without unscrewing the valve cap and is ideal for vans and motor homes.

With up to 18 wheels per vehicle, valves that are difficult to access and heavy dirt, checking the air pressure of commercial vehicles is not at all easy. The ALLIGATOR V2B check valve cap provides a remedy. It does not need to be removed for filling or checking the air pressure.

Save time...

According to information from the tire manufacturer Bridgestone, a study in the USA showed that the average time required for checking tire pressure on a vehicle combination can be reduced from approx. 20 minutes to 6-7 minutes by using ALLIGATOR check valve caps V2B. The additional costs of the valve cap are therefore amortized after only two pressure checks.

-> 13 minutes time saving at least 1x a month

...and money with the check valve cap V2B

An underinflation of 1 bar increases fuel consumption by about 1.2% - and 30% underinflation halves the life of the tire. A good valve cap can prevent creeping air loss and thus helps to save money!

Valve inserts

Every tire valve has a valve insert - also called a valve inserts. Valve inserts protect against dirt, wetness and gradual pressure loss and are therefore of great importance for the tightness of a valve. As a wearing part, the valve insert must be checked and replaced at regular intervals. ALLIGATOR offers replacement valve inserts for every application - and at the highest quality!

Whether long or short, for car or truck - at ALLIGATOR you will find the right spare part! All of our valve inserts are characterized by particularly high tightness. In addition, the products impress with their easy handling and good workmanship.

Which valve insert, short or long, is the right one for your application depends on the rim design and the valve type. Under no circumstances should the valve protrude beyond the rim flange.

Many of our valve inserts are nickel plated. Nickel-plated valve inserts are of higher quality and provide even better protection against corrosion. To prevent contact corrosion, a nickel-plated valve insert is therefore used with many ALLIGATOR valves.

Valve extensions

ALLIGATOR valve extensions allow you to easily reach any valve. Different materials and lengths make your work easier when checking and correcting the air pressure.

ALLIGATOR's flexible valve extensions are made of rubber and have a very high resistance to breakage. However, it should be noted that the valve extensions are under pressure: If the extension tears off, the tire loses its air. 

ALLIGATOR offers two types of rubber valve extensions. The highly flexible extensions, consisting of rubber with fabric, achieve a flexibility of 100%. On the other hand, the pressure resistance (bursting pressure) is only 70 bar. Rubber valve extensions with steel sheathing are not quite as flexible (flexibility 95%), but have a pressure resistance of 120 bar.

For proper installation of rubber valve extensions, use fixed clamps.

Pressure range: up to 20 bar

With the stiff ALLIGATOR valve extensions, a distinction is made between plastic and brass extensions. Both materials are rigid and have only a low resistance to breakage due to their lack of flexibility. On the other hand, the rigid version is pressureless: if the valve extension breaks off, this does not result in a flat tire. In addition, the plastic and brass valve extensions can be used without a retainer and achieve a pressure resistance of 150 bar.

Pressure range: pressureless

In general, the following points must be observed when installing valve extensions:

  • Do not kink valve extensions.
  • Valve extensions must not rest on the rim hole.
  • Do not use valve extensions with rubber valves.

Valve tools

The ALLIGATOR valve range is complemented by suitable valve tools. Special and high-quality tools are essential for the professional assembly and disassembly of valves.

Our practical ALLIGATOR valve tools facilitate and speed up the professional assembly and disassembly of valves. From valve pullers to valve wrenches and pocket air pressure testers. ALLIGATOR offers you the ideal support for your daily work.

The ALLIGATOR range of valve tools includes:

  • Valve retractor lever
  • Valve wrench (universal, single, double)
  • Thread cutter
  • Valve catcher
  • and much more


With the TPMS tool from ALLIGATOR, sensors and valves can be professionally attached to any rim. 

The one-handed operation of most tools enables quick and easy assembly without wasting time. Thanks to sophisticated technology, bit changes are also lightning fast.

In addition to individual tools, such as torque wrenches, you will find fully equipped tool bags and cases for the installation of TPMS. These are suitable for RS and ONE as well as all common TPMS.

The ALLIGATOR starter kits offer an easy and inexpensive introduction to TPMS service. You will find everything you need in one box.

Do you have questions about our products? Feel free to contact us and we will personally answer your questions.