Save time and impress customers

With the bicycle range from ALLIGATOR

tire service for bicycles becomes foolproof!

With the Universal Express valve you always have the right valve available! 

One valve suitable for all bicycles.

  • No more struggling to sort through all the different types of bicycle valves.
  • Suitable for all bicycles.
  • Fits all commercially available valve bodies, tubes and rim holes.
  • Up to 15 bar
  • Two-stage cone seal
  • Prevents gradual air leakage.
  • Can also withstand “racing bike” pressure.
  • No confusion with bicycle valves
  • Fool proof inflation with a bicycle pump

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Standard bicycle valves

Rim hole 8,5 mm 6,5 mm 8,5 mm
Operating pressure Up to 6 bar Up to 15 bar Up to 10 bar
Air pump Bicycle pump (or adapter) Bicycle pump (or adapter) Compressor
Application Trekking bikes, fitness bikes, city bikes Racing bike, mountain bike, tubeless Touring bike, everyday bike, touring bike
Advantages Foolproof inflation, excellent seal retention, long service life due to high quality High pressure resistance, air pressure can be adjusted precisely, high stability due to thin rim hole More stable design, easy to set/read air pressure, can be inflated at any gas station

Station air chuck

No more desire to miserable pumping with a bicycle pump?

With our closed end station air chuck you can pump up any bicycle with a compressor!

Female thread R1/4:        Order now

Hose connection 8/7:      Order now

External thread 8V1:        Order now

Hose connection 8/7:      Order now

Female thread R1/4:        Order now 

The station air chuck closes itself after removal from the tire valve.

Rotatable tire inflator

Flexibility in all areas!

With the rotatable bicycle and car tire inflator (open end) from ALLIGATOR, you can inflate your tire in any position.

  • Revolving connection, valve can be filled in every position.
  • Fast tool change possible due to quick connector.
  • Shockproof and robust plastic housing.
  • Readability of the pressure gauge ensured in any valve position.

The tire filler is constantly open - even after removal from the tire valve.

Valve plug - Flexible & easy inflation

With the valve plug from ALLIGATOR, inflating the wheel is foolproof! 

CAP Kindersicherheit shows how it's done!

Discover the entire range of bicycle valves!